Welcome to the News section of the F3 History web site, here you can see details of the latest additions to the site as well as find how you can contribute to its development.


Ben Cowdrey's book is being republished, due to popular demand, (priced at £24.99) and will be on sale again from the 12th June 2010. If you would like a signed copy you can contact Ben for further details at:

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26th September: Some new additions to the Manufacturers section, the Lutos, the Fafnir, the MRS and the Guepardo, also I've found a small picture of the Saturn.

17th September: Heinz Melkus, the East German designer and driver of the Melkus series of F3 cars passed away on the 5th of September. I have updated the Melkus page and thanks to Alexey Rogachev I have been able to add some more pictutres of these interesting cars.

20th June: Thanks to Joaquin Gonzales for putting me right on some of ther driver/chassis combinations in the 1967 Temporada series. Also added are some very nice pictures of various De Sanctis models, I hope to add to the text once I've translated the Italian book I've got!

26th April: A new addition to the Constructor ranks, the Oliroy, thanks to Colin Painter for the information.

2nd April: Thanks to José Alberto Parise there is some updated details on the Willys-Gávea.

24th December: Manufacturers section, new information and photographs about Bianchini and Quasar.

7th December: Manufacturers section, additional information on the JW4. New manufacturers added; Autotecnica, Bastet, FC1000, Northstar, Speedcar.

7th December: Manufacturers section, additional information on, and a rare picture of, the F3 Stanguellini.

27th November: More Manufacturers additions, Abarth, Courtois, Facett and Hope.

22nd November: A whole collection added to the Manufacturers section from 1964 and 1965. Benit, CAF 3, Cammorata, Caravelle, Cheetah, Cosbra, CRM, Dagrada, DB, Emeryson, Faure, Gbelec, Gemini, Gerca, Germain, LAC, Lucangeli, Manya, Moretti, René Bonet, Rispal, Saturn, Sautenat, Taraschi, Volpini.

Raison d'être

The intention of this site is to be a complete database for Formula Three racing from 1950 to 2000, as far as it is possible every race, every car and every driver will be found here.

There is still a huge amount of work to be done but I felt it would be sensible to publish what I have done so far. This will always be a continually evolving site as more and more information is added so if I waited until everything was done it would never see the light of day!

I am looking for whatever assistance I can find so if you have anything at all you think might help please see the Contact page for details of how to get in touch with me.

I am especially looking for:
a) Full details of races, both qualifying and results.
b) Full end of season Championship tables.
c) Details and pictures of the various marques.
d) Biographies of F3 drivers.

I especially require help with the final option, the driver biographies, so if you would like to tell the story of any driver who competed in F3 whether it is a Senna or a Schumacher or even one of the lesser names please let me know.

Importantly please remember I'm only human so there are probably mistakes in what I have done so far (even though I've done my best to be totally accurate) so if you see anything wrong please tell me and I can correct it.

Please also remember that much of this site takes a long time to prepare so don't expect daily updates! For example adding the races for a particular year, by the time I've researched it and written it all up scanned the pictures etc. can take several months so please be patient.

I am constantly updating details, particularly as regards who drove the various cars and as I research the races in depth I will be able to add more and refine the details but if you have any more details don't hesitate to let me know.

So please, if you think you can help me add to this site in any way at all whether it is contributing or suggesting any additions or changes you would like to see please contact me.

Much of the material on this site, most especially the pictures, have been collected from a huge number of sources during my research. I hope nobody has any objection in these items being used on what is intended to be an historical record resulting in no monetary gain, however if you own the copyright to anything used here and object to it being shown please contact me.