Designed by Giorgio Stirano, a former Osella engineer, he left the Italian F1 team in 1981 and built the one-off AR1 at the end of the year. He named it Alba meaning dawn and it raced without providing any results in 1982. After this Stirano switched to designing and building Group C Junior sports cars with more success.
The Alba in action at Varano Melegariin April 1982.
(Picture courtesy of Filippo Rossi.)
Appearing at Mugello in October 1981 the AR1 it was powered by an Alfa Romeo engine and was apparently conventional in design, unusually for the time it was fitted with Pirelli tyres. The bodywork shape is very reminiscent of Osella designs showing Stirano's heritage. The same chassis was used in 1982.
1981 Enzo Coloni.
1982 Giovanni Alberti, Davide Pavia.
1984 Gatta.