The rear-engined F Junior Alfa Dana.

This Danish manufacturer first built a car for the 500cc F3 formula in the late fifties, nothing more happened until a Formula Junior car appeared in the sixties apparently based on the Stanguellini. Both cars were designed by Uno Jensen, the first was front-engined the latter rear-engined. When the 1-litre F3 was introduced one, or perhaps two, of the rear-engined Junior cars were converted to the new formula using an Alfa Romeo engine for 1964, in 1965 the BMC A series based engine from F Junior was employed. Unsurprisingly they weren't very competitive with the more modern designs.
The front-engined F Junior Alfa Dana as seen in 2002 at Karlskoga.
(Picture courtesy of Stefan Örnerdal)
1964 Poul Johannessen, Tommy Larsen.
1965 Poul Johannessen.
1966 Tommy Larsen.