Driver Massimo Natili stands next to the Bianchini during testing at Vallelunga in 1968, Giorgio
Bianchini is on the left.

The Bianchini brothers, Giorgio and Augusto ran a Ford garage in Rome and in 1966 they embarked on the construction of a F3 chassis carrying out virtually all the work in their own workshop. The Roman brothers already had competition in the blood as their father had raced Motto Guzzi bikes. Bianchini were always easily recognised as the team painted their cars white with a red nose and body stripe along the top of the car.
The Bianchini brothers looked at F2 at the end of 1967 but the escalating costs of this class deterred them and by 1969 they had quit F3. A single year of F Ford in 1970 was the last year that Bianchini raced and after this they concentrated on their garage and in the preparation of other people's cars.

The first chassis was designed by Augusto and built by Giorgio and was similar to the contemporary De Sanctis and it used a Bianchini-tuned Ford engine with a claimed 113bhp @ 11500 rpm. Unusually it was fitted with aluminium bodywork designed by Filachioni who was also responsible for the De Sanctis F3 bodies. The aluminium bodywork might was probably at least partially responsible for the chassis being overweight.
The Bianchini debuted at Vallelunga in the Gran Premio di Roma on the 29th May driven by successful saloon car driver Franco Chiari but it retired with driveshaft failure although it showed some promise. A second car driven by Francesco Ghezzi appeared a month later running competently at Monza. At the end of the year Chiari took a "class win" (first Italian-built car?) at the Copa del Cimini in September.
In an effort to save weight the Bianchini was modified for 1967 by the fitment of fibreglass bodywork and the suspension was modified to improve the handling. Results were generally disappointing although there was a second place at an Italian F3 round at Vallelunga. It seems as if Bianchini limped on for another two years in F3 without recording any respectable results. A total of 5 F3 cars were built.
1966 Francesco Ghezzi, Franco Chiari.
1967 Massimo Natili, Romano Orsola.