The Nemo undergoing testing.
The Nemo was built by the Race Cars International team who were based in Hornsey, North London and it was designed by Canadian Max Boxstrom. The car first appeared in July 1970, it was intended as a customer car but was never really developed as in the middle of a racing season the RCI drivers preferred their own, known cars. At the end of the year the project was sold to Tony Kitchener for a projected K4 design that never materialised.
The Nemo's first appearance.

Some suspension parts and the specially fabricated bulkheads used on the Nemo.
The Nemo MM4 had a light alloy monocoque with a rear subframe to take the engine and suspension. The tub was slim and deep and the suspension was conventional with wide based double wishbones at the front and a top link/reversed wishbone at the rear. There were also twin radius rods at the rear and the spring/damper units were outboard.
The car had definite promise but it needed sorting especially in the braking department. No top six results were achieved. As regards the type number seemingly the MM2 was a proposed F2 model whilst the MM3 was to have been for F Atlantic/FB.
1970 Brendan McInerney.