The one-off Silani SJ96 was designed and built in 1996 by former AGS race engineer Jean Silani. Based around a carbon-fibre monocoque that was built by Duqueine (q.v.) in Villeurbanne it employed some advanced aerodynamic thinking in its design, it was very slim with a high nose and low sidepods and used an Alfa Romeo engine which mated to a Hewland gearbox via a Silani designed, AGS built, combined oil tank and bellhousing. Sadly the Silani was funded by Jean Silani's savings and despite much needed non-financial help from AGS there was insufficient funds to develop the car and Jean Silani decided it was better to quit before the car bankrupted him and other than Cyrille Sauvage taking ninth in an end of season race at Paul Ricard results were poor.
The chassis is currently being rebuilt be Jean Silani for display in Henri Julien's AGS museum.

Thanks to Peter Wyss for additional information.


Olivier Fiorucci, Cyrille Sauvage.