I hope this will be a definitive list of all the cars that raced during the Formula 3 years 1950 to 2000. Not all the cars were necessarily designed for Formula 3, for example there are several cars in 1964 that were either Formula Junior models that were converted to Formula 3 specification or still running in F Junior guise, this seems to have been particularly prevalent in East Germany and Scandinavia. Unfortunately forty years on it is impossible to tell if these cars are FJs or F3s, therefore I've taken the decision that if the race was to FIA Formula 3 regulations and the car practiced or raced then it is listed. There is one other "section", cars that were either built and never appeared at a race meeting or cars that were announced and may or may not have been built. This last group is really for interest only for who knows, especially those that were from the sixties may well have appeared somewhere/sometime.

I have not listed either cars or drivers where F3 cars raced in non-F3 races e.g. Formula Libre.

I have listed drivers that raced in 2001 or later in cars built in 2000 or earlier for the sake of completeness.

At various times countries have run classes that they called Formula 3 that were to very different regulations to the then current FIA F3 regulations, these cars/races have not been included. Also there has been various "lightly modified" (for want of a better description) F3 racing around the world, for example in Mexico and in the Sudam Championship. In these instances at different times there have been restrictions on the age and chassis manufacturer or on the size of the air restrictor, since these races are so very close to the FIA F3 regulations they are included.

The details of the technical specs are sometimes very brief, that is because often very little information was provided in the contemporary write ups and in some cases the details contradict themselves so if you own one of these cars or can shed more light on them please contact me and I will update the details.

I have tried to include as many of the drivers that raced each chassis as possible but many of the results, especially for European races during that period, often only went down to 6th place and many minor races are not recorded at all, therefore the listings are by no means complete and if anyone has details of other competitors please let me know.

A brief note on the driver listings; for each year the chassis type for each manufacturer is listed in increasing chronological order (I hope) e.g. March 753, 743, 733, 723 etc. followed by a list of drivers that competed in that type number. A driver may appear more than once in each year if he drove more than one model of chassis e.g. if in 1975 he drove both a 753 and a 743.


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